The LocatorZONE Difference

LocatorZONE is a worldwide marketplace for automotive, aviation, marine, and real estate assets. We believe that there is no other global advertising platform that meets our level of technology and range of services. If you’re buying or selling a home, commercial property, automobile, boat, or aircraft, give us a try and experience the LocatorZONE difference.


Our smart Search, Pricing, and Matching technologies drive a feature-rich platform that hosts ads for residential and commercial real estate, automobiles, aircraft, boats, and yachts from sellers in major cities and resort destinations worldwide. LocatorZONE is not an online flea market or an auction site. We offer a limited range of asset categories to a select global audience of buyers, sellers, investors, and tenants.


LocatorZONE is an adaptive advertising platform with plans and services tailored to your specific advertising needs. Using LocatorZONE, you can geo-target specific audiences by asset category, transaction type, city, or country. We offer a variety of subscription plans and options, or we can develop a customized solution to fit any budget. LocatorZONE an ideal choice whether you’re a “buy-owner” seller or professional agent or broker.


Our mission is to connect buyers and seller as quickly and efficiently as possible using the best technologies and processes available. With this in mind, we developed LocatorZONE to be seamless and user-friendly. The objective is to get the items you list on our site sold, so we designed our platform with a high level of functionality and visual appeal for buyers and sellers alike.


We got it right the first time by putting people at the center of cutting-edge technology and adaptive design. Our value spans far beyond technology, and our service capabilities are not limited to a simple online advertising platform. Our motto, “Search Globally, Find Locally,” means that we’ve backed up our global search capabilities with re-sellers and agents in the communities we serve. Our objective is to build a LocatorZONE network that will allow our users to source assets globally with the same ease and confidence as if they were trading locally.