What is LocatorZONE?

LocatorZONE is a worldwide marketplace connecting buyers and sellers in major four asset categories: automotive, aviation, marine, and real estate. LocatorZone is not an online flea market or auction site, it is simply the easiest and most effective way to reach a global audience of interested buyers locally, and around the globe.

Why Choose LocatorZONE?

“We Got It Right" with a technology-rich platform designed to make your LocatorZONE experience fast, easy, and convenient. We have taken the guesswork out of buying and selling products and services online, providing you with detailed and up to the minute listings of cars, trucks, aircraft, recreational and commercial watercraft, real property and related services.

Search Globally, Find Locally

If you’re a buyer, our platform allows you to shop our global inventory with confidence. Our user screening and seller compliance framework is rigorous, ensuring that products are as advertised, and transactions are managed by a network of referral partners located in the countries we serve. Each transaction is also supported by a customer service staff dedicated to the single goal of complete user satisfaction.

If you’re a seller, we warehouse a vast bandwidth of marketing, advertising, sales and branding initiatives that provides maximum visibility to all product categories. Our global footprint is a force multiplier allowing you to reach interested buyers at the very moment they’re searching for your product.

LocatorZONE is a category specialist that is uniquely positioned as a conduit for global exchange. Today, there are no boundaries for international commerce, so let LocatorZONE connect you with buyers and sellers whether they be next door and around the globe.


LocatorZone offers a large selection of passenger cars and trucks at your fingertips. If you’re in the market for a quality new or used vehicle, our global platform allows you search all major makes and models. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can find the right car for the right price.


LocatorZONE offers a wide-ranging, Web-based listing of pre-owned personal, business, and transport aircraft. The Internet has brought about a fundamental change in the way products are bought and sold. LocatorZONE has now streamlined the process of buying and selling aircraft, offering a valuable channel for aircraft owners, brokers and dealers to advertise available inventory globally. Our goal is provide users with the very best tools to search, locate and purchase pre-owned aircraft.


LocatorZONE is a powerful tool designed to help boaters connect. Users can search a large and growing range of new and pre-owned sailing yachts, fishing boats, ski boats, jet ski’s and all types of trailer boats. Our aim is to be the best value marine marketplace in the world by providing boat dealers, brokers and private sellers with access to a dynamic and low cost online market, and making buying and selling a boat easy, efficient and affordable.


LocatorZONE is an international real estate listing service designed for real estate professionals, investors and private owners to source and promote property worldwide. In the global real estate marketplace, there are no boundaries for international real estate buyers and sellers. LocatorZONE can play a pivitol role in connecting you to dream locations worldwide, and if your selling, to a marketplace full with potential purchasers.


At its core, LocatorZONE is a relationship-based marketing firm. We have a referral partnership database of referring professionals in varied disciplines who drive our business and ensure transactions are carried out seamlessly. We’ve invested heavily in developing an extremely reliable and robust database to compliment a marketing engine that’s rivaled by none.