1992 ILYUSHIN Il-76

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Aircraft information

Year of construction: 1992

Total time (TTAF): 13324 TT

Country: Belarus City

Airplane time

Manufacture Date: 25.08.1992 TCN (FH) Accumulated Life 13324 Life limit 14700/18000 Remaining 1376/4676 FH

The number of repairs: N/ATCN (FC) Accumulated Life 3713 Life limit 4500/6000 Remaining 787/2287 FC Period of service: Life limit 25.08.2016/25.08.2022 Remaining 1,3 Y/7Y

Engine#1:Manufacture Date: 15.12.1992TCN (FH) Accumulated Life 8109 Life limit 12000 Remaining 3891 FH

Engine#2:Manufacture Date: 09.04.1985 TCN (FH) Accumulated Life 7781 Life limit 9000 Remaining 1219 FH

Engine#3:Manufacture Date: 30.09.1986 TCN (FH) Accumulated Life 7250 Life limit 12000 Remaining 4750 FH

Engine#4:Manufacture Date: 27.01.1993 TCN (FH) Accumulated Life 7269 Life limit 9000 Remaining 1731 FHAPU Manufacture Date: 02.11.1980TCN (FH) Accumulated Life 3471 Life limit 4800 Remaining 1329 FH


1. TCAS: CAS-67A ver. 7 rate EHS.2. GPS:- KLN-90B;- GLONASS/GPS CH-4312.3. EGPWS: TTA-12S.4. RVSM: ???-2?.5. ELT: ???-406.6. Oxygen system with KM-114.

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